Kylie has always had the desire to assist people.  After participating in the mediation process and working in family law, she saw becoming a family law mediator as a way to do that.  She moved forward with completing the courses through The Ohio Supreme Court.  

In June, 2020 Kylie was accepted by Judge Fuller, as a court-appointed Family Law Mediator for Delaware County Domestic Relations Court. 

Her goal through mediation is to assist parties peacefully collaborate and come to a resolution, without the uncertainty of court decisions and the unnecessary time and expense of continued litigation. 

A family law mediator serves as a neutral third-party to assist parents in reaching clear and lasting resolutions to conflict. 

The mediator provides a structured setting for a productive exchange of information with the goal of identifying possible settlement agreements and solutions to co-parenting issues.  The mediator's role is to help parties reach an agreement, not to make a decision or give opinions on the issues.  

Kylie is not an attorney and does not give legal advice.  Mediation is confidential, and she cannot testify in court about anything that occurs in the mediation.  

Mediation is a great cost saving way to resolve your differences. 
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